Amazing Vlog Video Transitions: How to Make Them

Amazing Vlog Video Transitions: How to Make Them

Isn’t it time you abandoned your dull video effects of the past? Do you want to improve your vlogs and keep viewers’ attention by adding some amazing, one-of-a-kind video transition effects? View this tutorial video to learn how to use a nice vlog transition effect for your benefit. Some of the greatest video effects you can get online may be found in this article using the Filmora video editor.

How to Create Transitions in Vlog Videos

Step 1

Drop the top-down image onto the timeline’s first video track. Next, drag and drop the liberty statue video clip (or just the video you already have) onto the timeline’s second video track.


Step 2

Select Customize, then adjust the scale to 35%.


Step 3
Locate and click on the area where you want the transition to begin. Right-click your video track at that moment. On the pop-up box, select “add freeze frame” under speed.

Step 4

Split the tracks on the timeline at the step where the freeze-frame begins and remove the segments on the left.


Step 5

Using the cut or resize tool, you may reduce the size of your frozen frame.


Note: To divide a clip or clips, move the playback head to the desired location and click the split button (represented by a red scissors icon) on the playback head.

Step 6
The rest of the clip is cut in between the frozen screen.


Step 7
Look for the “charcoal” effect under the Effects tab. You should see the draw effect on your preview window after dragging and dropping it onto the frozen frame.


Step 8
“Evaporate 2” may be found by clicking the Transitions tab. Put it where the freeze frame and the rest of the clip meet by dragging and dropping it.


Step 9
After the transition, we want to close in on the view. Place the playhead at the end of the freeze-frame, at the start of your clip. To adjust the animation, double-click the selected clip, then select the animation tab.


Step 10
By selecting the add button, you may add a keyframe and then shift the playhead a tiny bit to the right, say an inch. Click “add” to insert a new keyframe at this location. the scale is changed from 35 to 100.


Step 11
Select the top-down image in the first track by moving the play head to the first keyframe. Add a keyframe here using animation >> modify, leaving the defaults numbers alone.

Step 12
To add a third keyframe, move the playhead to the second keyframe, click the top-down image, and then add another keyframe. Make the scale 400% larger.


Step 13
Also, YAY! to see that it was finished! With Filmora 11, you have produced a stunning vlog transition.

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