Filmora Tutorial: Freeze Frame

Filmora Tutorial: Freeze Frame

Guidelines for Freezing a Frame in Filmora:

Launch and Import the File

When you launch the software after installation, a window with two options will appear. Activate Full Feature Mode. You’ll see a brand-new window with many parts including an import area. To import your file, choose it from your device by clicking the downward pointing arrow above Import Media Files Here.

step 1

Take a picture

After importing the chosen file, move it to the timeline in this step. Now, move the playhead to the area of the video where you wish to include a freeze-frame. Set the playhead, then click on the little camera symbol over the timeline or beneath the video display tab. The selected file will be saved with the snapshot in the media tab.

step 2

Put the snapshot in

Split the video first by clicking on the little scissors symbol above the timeline in order to put the snapshot into the video. After you’ve divided the movie, add the project by selecting Add to project from the context menu when you right-click on the snapshot without moving the playhead.

step 3

Frame a Scene and Export a File

By sliding the corners of the inserted photo, you may also modify the length of the frozen frame. The movie or frozen frame can also have music, transitions, effects, and other things added to it. To save the completed file, click the Save button at the top of the screen in the last step.

step 4

Wondershare Filmora provides all fundamental and expert editing tools. Its Freeze Frame function is also highly user-friendly, and you may include a number of still images in a film. With several frozen frames in a single video clip, it may also perform further editing.


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