How Can Text/Titles Be Added to Videos?

How Can Text/Titles Be Added to Videos?

You may easily add titles and text to your video with Filmora Video Editor. Opener, Titles, Subtitles, Lower3RDS, and End Credits are some of your possibilities.

1.Add Text

Click the “T (Titles)” icon above the sub-menu to select the cutest title template for text or titles to be added to videos. Find the title template, then drag & drop it onto the timeline.

Here, you may select a template from the left-hand panel’s categories, such as openers, titles, subtitles, and so on.

Add Text

2.Text Editing

To open the text’s settings box, double-click on the text you added to the timeline. The text’s default color and font are then available for selection. instead, make your own video effects. Consider this:

  • Select the font’s style, size, border, and alignment from the “Font” menu;
  • Navigate to “Settings” to select the text’s color, size, line spacing, etc.;
  • Select “Transform,” then rotate the text or title by any angle you wish;
  • For the blending mode and opacity options, select “Compositing.”


Expert Title Editing

You may access the Advanced Text Edit panel by clicking the Advanced button for further text editing. Depending on your requirements, you may add text boxes, text shapes, picture overlays, etc.

Advanced Title Editing

In the preview window’s top left corner, there are 3 traditional title editing tools that you may utilize to:

  • To add a new text box, click the button for adding a new text box.
  • To add a shape, such as an arrow, lightbulb, circle, or triangle, click the add new text shape icon.

icon to add a shape such as an arrow, light bulb, circle, or triangle.

  • To add a picture, click the text button next to Add New Image.

icon to add an image.

Note: You may adjust a text effect’s default length of 5 seconds by sliding one of its timeline boundaries. Alternately, you may enter a new duration by clicking the “Duration” clock icon at the top of the timeline.
In the “Advanced Text Editing” box, you can also change the typefaces, motion, colors, opacity, fill, border (color and size), and shadow (style, color, and size) of your text to better suit your demands and make your movie stand out.

3.Customized Text Effect Can Be Saved As Preset

The two methods for saving the customized text effects as presets are as follows:

1. After changing your text in the text editing panel, you may simply click the “Save as Custom” button in the panel’s left corner. Next, give the new preset a name, and then click “OK” to save it.

Save Customized Text Effect as Preset

2. After modifying the text, you can also select “Save as Custom” from the advanced text editing window.

2. After modifying the text, you can also select "Save as Custom" from the advanced text editing window.

The newly produced preset will be placed in the “Custom” folder for classification.


4.Delete The Title
You may quickly erase a text effect by clicking the title in the timeline and then using the “Delete” key on your keyboard. Alternately, you can execute the order by clicking the delete symbol in the toolbar.

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