Windows 10: Record Webcam Video and Computer Screens?

Windows 10: Record Webcam Video and Computer Screens?

Every day, we carry out a plethora of various chores on our computers, but we seldom ever get the chance to collaborate with others on them. The built-in capability provided by Windows 10 allows PC users to instantly record all on-screen actions with the click of a mouse. Additionally, you may record webcam videos and screen captures simultaneously with this screencasting application so that you can record the gameplay of the video games you play or make lessons.
You’ve come to the right spot if you want to learn how to concurrently record camera footage and computer displays on Windows 10. In this post, we’ll show you many different methods for doing this.

Part 1: How to Use Filmora to Record Webcam and Screen Videos?

PC users have access to a range of screen recorders that may be utilized either at no cost or for a modest fee. An additional feature of the video editing program Filmora is the ability to simultaneously record the computer screen and camera feed.
Fimora should be opened and a new project should be created as soon as it has been installed on your PC. Following the loading of Filmora’s main window, select the Media tab and select the Record drop-down option that is situated next to the Import drop-down menu.

Screens and Webcam Videos with Filmora

Next, you may decide whether you want to record videos with an internal or external webcam, record a voiceover, or simultaneously record your computer’s screen and webcam footage. Wait for the Wondershare Filmora Scrn window to appear on the screen after selecting the Record PC Screen option.

 Screens and Webcam Videos

If you wish to alter the frame rate or quality of the video you’re producing, click the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the window. The screen recorder gives you the option to select the specific area of the screen you want to record, as well as the ability to record the full screen or a target window.
If you don’t want to record the voiceover using the computer’s built-in microphone, you may also connect an external microphone. Other options you’ll have at your disposal include choosing the destination folder where your recordings will be kept, a desired frame rate, or the quality of the video you’re capturing.
If you want your video to include every mouse click you make when screencasting, be sure to check the Show Mouse Clicks in Recording option. The ability to record every mouse click sound is also available in Filmora, although the majority of content producers turn this feature off because mouse clicks may be quite repetitious.
You must choose the Record the Camera Stream option at the bottom of the Wondershare Filmora Scrn window in order to record both the webcam footage and your computer screen at the same time. The built-in webcam of your computer will be used by default, but you can also choose an external webcam that you have connected to your computer from the drop-down menu that is situated just below the Record the Camera Stream checkbox.
The keyboard shortcuts that let you begin, stop, pause, and restart a screen recording session are optional. When ready, press the Record button to start simultaneously recording your computer’s screen and the webcam feed.
You only need to drag the video clip you made into the timeline if you wish to modify it after the screen capture session since it will automatically appear in the media library and be stored in the destination folder you chose.

Part 2: How can I simultaneously record a webcam video and a computer screen on Windows 10?

Using the Win + G keyboard shortcut is all it takes to open the Game Bar in Windows 10. Since you won’t be able to choose the quality or frame rate of the video you’re recording, the screen capture choices you will have at your disposal are at best meager. To begin recording the gameplay of the video game you’re playing or any other computer activity, you only need to turn on the microphone and click the Record button.
It is possible to concurrently record a camera video and a screen, but you must install extra encoders to do it. Even after you figure out the precise stages of this extremely sophisticated procedure, you won’t be able to use the same program to record the webcam video stream and capture a computer screen.

Part 3: Using the Loom Extension for Google Chrome to Take Screenshots

All PC users who want to simultaneously record screen and camera movies can use the Loom extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The extension may be downloaded for free, and installing it won’t take very long. Loom requires you to first log in with your Google account before granting it permission to use your computer’s microphone and camera.
You may select whether you want to simultaneously record the camera and the computer’s screen with this Chrome extension. Additionally, before pressing the record button during a screen capture session, you may pick which microphone and camera to utilize. Loom can record any activity on your screen, so you may use it to make training videos, record your gaming sessions, or make any other kind of movie that contains computer-related activities.
Although I can add a CTA button and make certain settings, I am limited in the editing tools I have once the recording has been made. For example, other from trimming, I am unable to add a title, change the pace, or mute the audio in the video.
Therefore, we advise you to use Filmora if you wish to simultaneously record the camera and the screen and subsequently edit the recorded film with effects, transitions, and titles. Utilizing Filmora to capture and edit your video is simple and effective.


Your screen recordings may be more enjoyable to watch if you include the webcam video since viewers can really see the person you are chatting to. Although Windows 10’s Game Bar has the tools you’ll need to record a computer screen, concurrently recording the camera video stream requires a lot of technical skill and patience. This is why, if you wish to record your screen while also using a camera, Filmora or the Loom plugin for Google Chrome are far better options. Which technique do you like to use to record computer displays and webcam video streams? Please tell us in a comment.


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